Holiday Gifts for Vegans – A Curated Collection of Vegan Gift Ideas

Show your support and love for your vegan friends with the perfect gift! Some of the gift ideas in this list are light-hearted and fun, while others are more practical. Herbivores are sure to adore any of these unique and thoughtful gifts!

While some people enjoy munching on caramel popcorn, toffee, and other holiday goodies, many vegans can be left out of the fun. The vegans on your holiday shopping list will definitely appreciate a homemade vegan treat! Try something like vegan pumpkin granola or granola nut clusters. ( Just be a bit cautious about any possible nut allergies).

vegan pupkin granola vegan gift ideas

granola nut clusters vegan gift ideas holiday homemade

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Craft Brews & Beer Related Knitting

Since moving to Southern California last August, I’ve been exploring some of the local beers and breweries in our area. As a fan of craft beer, I have been pleasantly surprised at how many different breweries there are nearby. Although I’m not sure how widely available most of these beers are, I definitely encourage any beer fans traveling to SoCal to check out these fun drinking spots, (and perhaps take a brewery tour)!

Some New-to-Me Beers & Breweries

  • Boo Koo IPA by Mother Earth Brewing CO  – My first encounter with this beer was on tap, but I picked up a couple bottles as soon as I was able to find them. This mosaic IPA is refreshing, with a hoppy pine aroma that is perfect for a beautiful spring or summer day. This beer would be great for a backyard barbecue, (depending on your dish, I suppose). I’ve also had their Double IPA, which was great. I haven’t been able to visit Mother Earth Brewing Co because it isn’t located in my area, but I’m a fan of their work so far!

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