October 2016 Playlist

Music, just because.

Here’s a playlist that was somewhat inspired by Halloween. Yes, I realize that it’s technically November now, but it wasn’t when this playlist was created, and there may be another one for November.

The Benefits of Learning to Play Guitar (and why you should at least give it a try)

Let’s do this with good old-fashioned pros and cons lists!


  • It’s a guitar. Guitars are cool.
  • Learning a few basic chords really doesn’t take long, and all that practicing and repetition is a great meditative stress buster.
  • Because listening to music is great, but playing it is another way to enjoy it.
  • Yes, your fingertips will hurt for a while. But when they stop, those hardened calluses will make it so much easier to be a guitar playing badass. Chords become so much easier when the guitar stings aren’t sinking into your soft, untrained skin.

I've got blisters on my fingers

  • Because learning a new skill, even if it isn’t fully mastered, makes you a more well-rounded individual.

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