October 2016 Playlist

Music, just because.

Here’s a playlist that was somewhat inspired by Halloween. Yes, I realize that it’s technically November now, but it wasn’t when this playlist was created, and there may be another one for November.


Craft Brews & Beer Related Knitting

Since moving to Southern California last August, I’ve been exploring some of the local beers and breweries in our area. As a fan of craft beer, I have been pleasantly surprised at how many different breweries there are nearby. Although I’m not sure how widely available most of these beers are, I definitely encourage any beer fans traveling to SoCal to check out these fun drinking spots, (and perhaps take a brewery tour)!

Some New-to-Me Beers & Breweries

  • Boo Koo IPA by Mother Earth Brewing CO  – My first encounter with this beer was on tap, but I picked up a couple bottles as soon as I was able to find them. This mosaic IPA is refreshing, with a hoppy pine aroma that is perfect for a beautiful spring or summer day. This beer would be great for a backyard barbecue, (depending on your dish, I suppose). I’ve also had their Double IPA, which was great. I haven’t been able to visit Mother Earth Brewing Co because it isn’t located in my area, but I’m a fan of their work so far!

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