About Us

Welcome to Happy Accidents Lab!

The diabolical duo responsible for Happy Accidents Lab
The diabolical duo responsible for Happy Accidents Lab

Happy Accidents Lab is an innovative collaboration space between two friends that can’t get enough of handmade treasures, gourmet food, music, and creative projects of various types. Since the beginning of their friendship in 2012, Sarah and Veronica have shared a common passion and appreciation for bringing creative ideas into fruition.

The general purpose of Happy Accidents Lab is to celebrate creativity by being a vehicle for artistic expression and collaboration. The lab functions as a place for sharing and discussing a wide range of inspirational ways to live a positive and creative lifestyle with the goal of encouraging others to engage their imagination in everyday life. Some of the things that you’ll find on our site include inspirational tips, advice, tutorials, and discussions about all things creative.

Lab History & Origin

Happy Accidents Lab began with homemade pizza. One evening in February of 2012, Sarah and Veronica got together with another mutual friend and improvised the preparation of three different pizzas, completely made from scratch. To their surprise, this random cooking experiment resulted in wonderful, gourmet-tasting results! They were so excited and proud that they took a couple pictures of their works of art and titled them “Happy Accident #1,” and “Happy Accident #2,” (unfortunately, no picture was taken of “Happy Accident #3″).  In jest, Sarah said that if they ever opened a restaurant, it should be called “Happy Accidents,” with the lofty hope that additional dishes they might attempt to concoct would have the same level of delectableness! Fast forward to Christmas 2013 – Sarah surprised Veronica by revealing that she’d established a web site for their creative collaboration – Happy Accidents Lab!

Meet Veronica

Veronica 2014 I love art, music, and all things creative. I believe that creativity is a valuable vehicle for expression, awareness, and connection with oneself and with others.

I indulge in many creative interests, such as photography, drawing, painting, playing guitar, and of course knitting. What I find most appealing about knitting is all of the combinations of texture and color that are possible for each new project. The beauty and peace that I find in nature inspires many of my knitting creations. In support of kindness towards animals, I elect to knit with yarns that contain no animal fibers, with the exception of wool that comes from a verifiably cruelty-free source.

In addition to nature, I’m also inspired by the charming mystery and character of vintage items. I find the Art Deco era to be particularly beautiful and fascinating. Part of my admiration of Art Deco designs is the use of line and bold geometric shapes. I’m creatively and personally drawn to the balance and order that is conveyed by these shapes, specifically triangles and pyramids.

One of the most enjoyable things about creativity is sharing it and discussing it with others, which is one thing that we achieve through Happy Accidents Lab.

 “Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment.” -MaryAnn F. Kohl

Meet Sarah

Sarah about photo

I’ve always had an affinity for working with color and for things that are vintage or handmade, and I am especially fascinated with the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. My jewelry designs tend to reflect an influence of these stylish periods.

Throughout my life I have been drawn to how art allows such incredible human expression, and the capturing of a moment in time never to occur again. Even from a young age I drew and painted, and I began realizing my strong attraction to the kaleidoscope of color theory and its wondrous applications in the world around me.

This love for art, color, and beauty is likely a major factor in me becoming a makeup artist in 2000, and why I find fulfillment and purpose through dabbling in designing of jewelry, greeting cards and party decorations, floral arrangements, etc. Through Lashes & Lace Makeup and Hair, I make use of my eye for color and beauty by creating elegant looks for my clients, while Laces & Lace Boutique allows me to dream up and share one-of -a-kind pieces.

It was also a mutual love for creativity, art, and beauty that inspired Veronica and myself to find ways to explore, catalogue, and experiment with different modes of expression. Thus Happy Accidents was born.

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” ~ Joseph Chilton Pearce


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